What's happening right now with Bear Lake Bearded Retrievers?

Planned Litter For Summer 2022!

Bear Lake's Rocking the Boat (Sailor) and Toby from KZ Kennels

     Bear Lake Bearded Retrievers is planning on having a Sailor x Toby litter this summer. Sailor is about 20" tall and Toby is about 21" tall. They are both well built and have very sweet temperaments. Both are from lines with therapy dogs (including each one's dam). 

     I anticipate these puppies being very smart and playful. I expect some may make nice sports/performance prospects with nice drive and a good off switch. When they are not playing or working, Sailor and Toby both have great off switches and are happy to lay around the house and snuggle. 

     Some flat coated puppies may be produced in this litter. They are just as fun as furnished doodles, they just have much easier to maintain coats. They'll look similar to small Golden Retrievers. As an added bonus, studies have shown that doodles have significantly fewer cancer claims than purebred Golden Retrievers. 

     Email us if you would like more information about this litter!

Sailor and Toby Stacked
2 Weeks Old 4
2 Weeks Old 6
2 Weeks Old 2
2 Weeks Old 3
2 Weeks Old
Totoro 2 Weeks Old
Ponyo 2 Weeks Old
Marnie 2 Weeks Old
Kiki 2 Weeks Old
Howl 2 Weeks Old
Haku 2 Weeks Old
2 Weeks Old 5
Week 2 Getting Big
Week 2 ENS
1 Week Old
5 Days
Haku Newborn 1
Haku Newborn 2
Haku Newborn 3
Haku Newborn 4
Marnie Newborn 1
Marnie Newborn 2
Marnie Newborn 3
Marnie Newborn 4
Marnie Newborn 5
Kiki Newborn 1
Kiki Newborn 2
Kiki Newborn 3
Ponyo Newborn 1
Ponyo Newborn 2
Ponyo Newborn 3
Ponyo Newborn 4
Howl Newborn 1
Howl Newborn 2
Howl Newborn 3
Howl Newborn 4
Totoro Newborn 1
Totoro Newborn 2
Totoro Newborn 3
Totoro Newborn 4
Fall Litter Week 1

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