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What's happening right now with Bear Lake Bearded Retrievers?

Bear Lake's Rocking the Boat (Sailor) and Graham had seven puppies!


Sailor and Graham had seven puppies on April 24, 2023. There are four boys and three girls. These pups are estimated to be around 30-45 lbs full grown. They'll be raised with Puppy Culture. I expect the litter be red and gold, with some having curly coats and some having wavy coats. I do not guarantee low-shedding coats, but about half of this litter should have the same genetic combo that gives Poodles and other low-shedding breeds their low-shedding coat. 

Both parents have very friendly and sweet temperaments. They are both health tested. You can view Sailor's health testing here and Graham's health testing here

If you would like to learn more about
this litter, or if you have any questions,
please reach out to us!

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2 Weeks Old 4
2 Weeks Old 6
2 Weeks Old 2
2 Weeks Old 3
2 Weeks Old
Totoro 2 Weeks Old
Ponyo 2 Weeks Old
Marnie 2 Weeks Old
Kiki 2 Weeks Old
Howl 2 Weeks Old
Haku 2 Weeks Old
2 Weeks Old 5
Week 2 Getting Big
Week 2 ENS
1 Week Old
5 Days
Haku Newborn 1
Haku Newborn 2
Haku Newborn 3
Haku Newborn 4
Marnie Newborn 1
Marnie Newborn 2
Marnie Newborn 3
Marnie Newborn 4
Marnie Newborn 5
Kiki Newborn 1
Kiki Newborn 2
Kiki Newborn 3
Ponyo Newborn 1
Ponyo Newborn 2
Ponyo Newborn 3
Ponyo Newborn 4
Howl Newborn 1
Howl Newborn 2
Howl Newborn 3
Howl Newborn 4
Totoro Newborn 1
Totoro Newborn 2
Totoro Newborn 3
Totoro Newborn 4
Fall Litter Week 1
Oatmeal 4 weeks old
Biscotti 4 weeks old
Molasses 4 weeks old
Crinkle 4 weeks old
Ginger Snap 4 weeks old
Spritz 4 weeks old

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