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What's happening right now with Bear Lake Bearded Retrievers?

BORN 6/23/2022

Bear Lake's Rocking the Boat (Sailor) and Toby from KZ Kennels

Sailor and Toby had six beautiful puppies! They range in color from cream to red with white abstract markings on most. They are being raised with Puppy Culture. They have all had DNA testing through Embark (as well as a furnishings test through Animal Genetics). They started potty training before they turned three weeks old and are doing really well. They're very sweet and absolutely beautiful. 

Meet Biscotti, Ginger Snap, Spritz, Crinkle, Molasses, and Oatmeal!

Sailor and Toby Stacked
Sailor and Toby Stacked

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Sailor and Toby
Sailor and Toby

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Oatmeal 4 weeks old
Oatmeal 4 weeks old

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Sailor and Toby Stacked
Sailor and Toby Stacked

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2 Weeks Old 4
2 Weeks Old 6
2 Weeks Old 2
2 Weeks Old 3
2 Weeks Old
Totoro 2 Weeks Old
Ponyo 2 Weeks Old
Marnie 2 Weeks Old
Kiki 2 Weeks Old
Howl 2 Weeks Old
Haku 2 Weeks Old
2 Weeks Old 5
Week 2 Getting Big
Week 2 ENS
1 Week Old
5 Days
Haku Newborn 1
Haku Newborn 2
Haku Newborn 3
Haku Newborn 4
Marnie Newborn 1
Marnie Newborn 2
Marnie Newborn 3
Marnie Newborn 4
Marnie Newborn 5
Kiki Newborn 1
Kiki Newborn 2
Kiki Newborn 3
Ponyo Newborn 1
Ponyo Newborn 2
Ponyo Newborn 3
Ponyo Newborn 4
Howl Newborn 1
Howl Newborn 2
Howl Newborn 3
Howl Newborn 4
Totoro Newborn 1
Totoro Newborn 2
Totoro Newborn 3
Totoro Newborn 4
Fall Litter Week 1

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